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Foltz Auctions is dedicated to making strong relationships with their customers. They have been in the auction business for years. They are dedicated to working with you to bring you top dollar through nationwide marketing exposure through partnering with

About Foltz Auction Inc

Auctioneering has been a family business since the late 1800’s when William Homer Foltz was auctioneering in Shenandoah County, Virginia and neighboring West Virginia. His son, Charles Foltz, conducted many auctions in the l930’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Burdette became a third generation auctioneer after graduating from Missouri Auction School in the summer of 1972 and conducted his first “On Site”  auction in September of that year, shortly after returning from the school.   He later formed a corporation with his wife, Meta.  Their son, Joe, graduated from Missouri Auction School in 1985 and started working with the firm.   Joe’s son, Johnathan, was  interested in the business at a young  age  and decided he, too, wanted to become an auctioneer.  Early in 2013 Johnathan and his mother, Mary Beth, graduated from Missouri Auction School and are now associated with Foltz Auctions, Inc., making Johnathan the fifth generation auctioneer in the Foltz Family.